past affecting the present

So, today i was talking to an old friend about my kids their ages now, and somethings I’ve been through, sometimes you don;t realize how strong you are until you tell your story. Or when you can say that you really haven’t gotten over that violence. Truly i have seen a lot in life, living in some awful conditions that o consider awful, But of course people that are drinking dirty water and not eating for weeks at a time have worse conditions. But in the sense of the american way, the conditions i lived being pregnant camping outside, basically begging the state of Massachusetts for help, Living the street life as they call it because you were young and dumb. I used to blame my father and his girlfriend for throwing me on the street as i wasn’t pregnant at seventeen but, yet she was very deceiving and my dad had a new life after divorce she didn’t like me so i had to go, Its the way my father worked. i’m rambling on as of lately the past has been just throwing itself in my face lately anybody else??

busy day

hello world, so today has been busy did everyone get out there and vote? im sure a question everyone is so sick of hearing? Well the polls should be in in the next 24 hours i pray for the best and we all know no matter what nobody will be happy but i usually see what happens when whomever gets elected in November, But as far as i have heard for those that have 401ks are doing well and stocks have been booming since trump so i dont know but people argue for the sake of agruing well positive vibes xoxo

An author unknown but great poem expresses so well

Another bad day
where nothing went right,
he could only see red,
and was ready to fight.

Work had went wrong,
he took it out on his wife,
all the yelling and screaming,
about how he hated his life.

So she said,
“Call your Momma,
and say those words to her,
then tell her that you’re sorry
and ask her if it hurt,

and when she don’t stop crying,
say all you need to say,
I don’t think you’re capable of it,
would you talk to her that way?”

He said so many hateful things,
got right up in her face,
even though she had no hand in it,
the bad part of his day.

She’d only tried to comfort him,
so he pushed her away,
by telling her how worthless,
she’d been to him that day.

So she said,
“Go wake your daughter,
and say those things to her,
then watch her as she’s crying,
because you hurt her with your words,

and when she don’t stop crying,
say all you need to say,
I don’t think you’re capable of it,
would you talk to her that way?”


So a truth moment here, cleaning and listening to music, as i clean i think and sometimes with music i think more, some songs, can get you into some feelings you just want to burst straight up into tears, But then you remind yourself oh yea i survived that but it doesn’t hurt to shed a tear here and there, the power of expression!! Then reflect on the moments you brought yourself to the happiness you live today.

sunday,cleaning day

Good morning blessings all positives, so i kinda reverse my weekends, so Saturday is my lazy day, Sunday is my day to clean house and get ready for the week. I mean i have to home school a child, Make sure children get off to school, drink a bunch of coffee lol and make sure I’m sane for the start of the new week. Each week is like a new chapter never know what could happen in this world. Oh yea not counting, bringing my middle schooler to physical therapy, Also awaiting that tax return so we can feel rich for a few weeks. So hows everyone’s morning so far??